Gauze Textile Raw Materials

Gauze Textile raw materials

The role of gauze gauze is a latitude and longitude of cotton fabrics. Is a textile raw materials, cloth, characterized by sparse, there are obvious grid. Products are package or loaded, such as mask gauze, mosquito nets gauze, baby diapers, quilts and other gauze sets. Industry is known as gauze is a thin fabric silk. After learning what is gauze, let's take a look at the gauze! In general, gauze variety, widely used. The following one to do the role of gauze: 1. Mask gauze: do masks, in order to meet the different manufacturers need to launch a roll package (large volume) or match. 2. Gauze: gauze series has a gauze series of supplies. "

"Brand gauze is the production of baby diapers, baby sweat towels, baby saliva towels, baby clothing lining, baby handkerchief, etc. the first choice of materials to protect the baby's tender skin is not hurt for the baby's health, Production of cotton bleached gauze, with white, soft, environmental protection, health four major characteristics.

 3. belly gauze: postpartum women are most worried about is their own body shape, but also a good belly gauze, cotton mill is a professional manufacturer of gauze, development, production production of the belly of the gauze, for maternal and child supplies manufacturers And the hospital maternity provide a variety of gauze. 4. mosquito nets gauze: hot summer in addition to the use of electrical appliances to get rid of high temperatures but also in the bedroom hanging mosquito nets to avoid mosquito bites, gauze specializing in the production of various specifications of the production of mosquito nets gauze. The above is a brief introduction to the role of gauze, in addition, there are a variety of gauze such as: ghost gauze, nursery stock girdle, vegetable shed and so on.

 Medical skim gauze with pure cotton yarn as raw material, the weaving, scouring, bleaching and other processes refined, soft texture, color white, strong water absorption, mainly for surgical dressing, surgery and making medical dressings. In the production of medical skim gauze production pickling process, the practice has proved that the following effect: the pickling gauze treatment of the content of water-soluble material and sulfate ash are low; chlorine bleaching after pickling both help dechlorination , And make gauze than pickling the average whiteness value of 2.4; chlorine bleaching after pickling is conducive to the elimination of fluorescence, is conducive to wound healing.

    Medical skim gauze for pickling process: weaving a pot of water washed a pot of water washed 3 grid a rolling chlorine 2 grid a pile of a set of water washed 2 grid a pickling 3 grid a wash 5 grid a rolling oxygen steam steam a water wash 5 grid a neutral wash 4 cell a rolling liquid a pile of a set of a drying a test a finished product. Process conditions: scouring liquid from the caustic soda 16 ± 0.59 / L, soap lg / L, Swire oil 1.29 / L composition, bath ratio 1: 5, scouring temperature 120 ℃, time 3h; chlorine bleaching effective chlorine 2 ~ 2.59 / L, pH 9.5 ~ 10.5, room temperature, stacking 45 ~ 50min; pickling with sulfuric acid concentration of 2 ~ 2.59 / L, stacking 2 ~ 5min. Oxygen bleaching with hydrogen peroxide 1 ~ 1.59 / L, pH 9.5 ~ 10.5, steaming temperature 95 ~ 100 ℃, steaming time 50 ~ 55min.