Gauze Through A Different Process

Gauze Through a different process

Gauze and bandages are two of the most basic medical supplies, and in hospitals we can often see their role. Because the two are more similar, there are many friends will confuse the two. But in fact, gauze and bandages are not exactly the same. There are many differences. Next, there is a small series for everyone to briefly introduce these two items with their main difference.

   Gauze is a textile raw material, which is characterized by thin, latitude and longitude sparse, in its surface can be seen very obvious grid-like lines. Gauze can be made of cotton, chemical or blended, the night can be different through the process as a multi-layer or double, even in color can be stained, bleached or whitening. There are many types of gauze, its use is also varied. For example, there are common skimmed gauze for medical use, mosquito nets for mosquito nets, and full bleach gauze for quilts and silk.

In the gauze purchase we have to consider the following parameters, so that we can better help us find our suitable products

      Count: refers to the yarn when the yarn thickness, such as 1 gram of cotton can be pulled into 30 meters of yarn, that is 30. The larger the number, the finer the yarn. The more fine yarn woven gauze is also more soft and comfortable, but at the same time the quality of raw materials and weaving plant requirements are higher, so the cost of woven gauze is relatively high.

      Density: refers to the degree of thinning gauze, such as 30 * 28 / inch means that an inch (2.54 cm) area under the number of warp yarns (vertical) 30, the number of weft (horizontal) 28. The larger the value, the more dense the gauze. Weight: refers to the weight of gauze, such as 80 grams / square meter, said that per square meter of gauze weight 80 grams.

      Layers: refers to the number of layers of gauze, the current technology Gauze woven into: single, double, three layers there are layers.

      Width: refers to the width of the gauze, in general, are customized according to customer needs.

           Proportion: gauze According to the ratio of the market can be divided into two kinds is a cotton gauze, there is a bamboo fiber gauze (70% bamboo fiber, 30% cotton), relatively speaking, bamboo fiber prices are more expensive, According to their own situation to buy!