Gauze Use Introduction

  Gauze, is a latitude and longitude of cotton fabrics. Is a textile raw materials, cloth, characterized by sparse, there are obvious grid.

  Gauze variety, widely used. The following types of gauze, varieties of clues to explain:


Gauze (17 sheets)

1, cotton gauze (also for cotton gauze), mainly for quilts, silk was lining, cotton tires. Can also be defatted after medical, sizing stereotypes after industrial use.

2, cotton bleached gauze (also for whitening gauze or white gauze), because people living conditions improved, advocating health. Cotton bleached gauze by bleaching and soft processing, natural, pure white, comfortable, environmentally friendly, is to do quilts, silk was preferred lining, but also do masks.

3, skim gauze, mainly used for medical bandages, medicine cloth, plaster and so on.

4, masks gauze, do masks, with a package (large volume) or suit, to adapt to different manufacturers cutting the needs of the way.

5, mosquito nets gauze, do mosquito nets with.

6, bamboo curtain mats gauze, the gauze for the puree gauze, strong, for the bamboo mats at the end of cloth.

7, sizing stereotypes gauze, for washing towel towel, deer leather towel production, carpet, artificial leather production.

8, bean curd gauze, the use of cotton 21 or 32 yarn weaving, used to do tofu package.

9, double gauze, woven with cotton yarn, used to do baby diapers, facial towels, napkins and postpartum restraint, obesity abdomen belly gauze and so on.

10, ghost gauze gauze, a variety of colors of rare gauze, used in the Halloween hanging in the window or made of colored clothing used to scare guards.

11, nursery stock graft root gauze, used for nursery stock seedlings transplanting seedlings when the roots of wood.

12, thin mesh gauze, sparse grid with almost nets, package, used to fight quilt, decorative materials, wall decoration or industrial use.

13, book binding gauze, cotton bleach sizing stereotypes for book binding.

14, cotton foreskin cloth (also known as cotton cloth or cotton cloth cloth). With 10 yarn weaving, divided into cotton foreskin, polyester-cotton foreskin cloth.

15, vegetable greenhouses were cloth.

   Note: yarn is made of cotton, linen and other spinning more loose single wire, you can twist, weaving.

   Gauze Industrial emery cloth, other names: iron cloth, emery cloth, corundum gauze, dry grinding gauze

Uses: Installed on the machine or handmade the burrs, rust or polished surfaces on the surface of the metal workpiece. The package gauze is mainly used for mechanical grinding of metal parts or plywood. Small size for coarse grinding, large particle size for fine grinding.