Gauze Use Points

Gauze Use points

Gauze can also according to utility cent several species, such as maternal and child gauze masks, gauze, gauze wet skin of tofu cloth, belly in ribbon gauze, printed diapers gauze, gauze, gauze was material, and so on, these gauze is pure cotton gauze qualitative, so has the pure cotton gauze with breathable moisture absorption characteristics of the environmental health is also very convenient and safe to use.

Pure cotton double gauze is purchasing favorite on purchasing products, double gauze in the middle there's a lot of node, the node role is to make the two layers of gauze to connect each other, not to take off the layer and the deformation. Pure cotton double gauze to babies as diaper gauze is also a good choice, permeability and hygroscopicity of pure cotton gauze are relatively strong, so use rise very convenient but also can help the baby's skin to breathe, not long diaper rash. Soft pink gauze is carried to be brought to the bedroom sweet and sweet feeling, especially collocation white bedroom, appear comfortable and warm. In the early autumn, with this sweet pink terry, bring the bedroom romantic autumn warmth.

Silver gauze holding has been quietly elegant feeling, let a bedroom is full of plain and neat like hankage elegant design, let the towelling coverlet show the aesthetic feeling of natural light, tie-in white bedroom space, is the beauty is generous.

The gauze of white band fine stripe pattern is held, more simple and clear, tie-in contemporary contracted style bedroom or children room, will appear more concise vogue.

The gauze of pure white is carried, the design of the garden is made concave and convex effect, make this concise white towel is to have more decorous feeling and rich connotation.

The gauze of dark gray is carried the feeling of heavy, appear warm in autumn day melting. Grey presents the glamour of high fashion, let the taste of the bedroom appear distinctive.

The sea of mysterious blue gauze embrace, let the bedroom calm and calm. Create a sea of the broad feeling, very suitable for the boy of the sea to choose the bedroom.

The first is to choose yarn: cotton weaving the first step is the selection of the yarn, the yarn's quality directly affects the quality of cotton gauze, gauze procurement staff will bridge a fang through the selection of different technology supply yarn, yarn dyed cotton gauze will choose the gauze on lewd, grey gauze should choose good quality of a material is not easy to broken yarn

Then it is the yarn-cotton swab: the yarn is arranged according to the fabric of the gauze, with a certain width, parallel to the knitting axis

Then heddle threading: upload finish good yarn on heddle, threading is a meticulous work, can not go wrong, or wear the wrong a knit gauze was full of incomplete, this step requires patient experienced production workers to complete

Then the machine weaving: put all the pieces on the loom, and then you can weave the gauze. In the long process of screen weaving, the production personnel should be carefully checked, once the broken line, jump line and other problems, and timely stop processing

After the inspection, the quality of the gauze cloth will be inspected after the production of gauze. Without quality problems, we can arrange the gauze, carry out the code, package. The packaging is divided into a reel and a piece of clothing. (the fabric of the gauze is finished here.)

Then bleach treatment: to bleach the gauze, at present, there are two kinds of bleached gauze with more orders for the bridge: half drift and total drift. Semi-bleached gauze, is the gauze cloth with hydrogen peroxide simple bleaching, this gauze does not contain fluorescent agent, the use that is used for mother and baby product more. All-bleached gauze, which is the whiteness of the white surface of gauze, will be added to the bleaching process.

Then the pattern of printing and dyeing: the cloth that bleached good gauze product is done to burn wool to remove miscellaneous processing, can undertake printing and dyeing processing according to customer custom pattern. Before printing and dyeing, you should make a pattern plate, a color version, which is the weaving process of printed gauze. The printing and dyeing process of the bridge is usually single - sided printing and dyeing. The front is clear and the back is not flowered.