Good Quality Of Elastic Bandage

Good quality of elastic bandage

Our company's elastic bandages are woven from natural fibers, with soft texture and high elasticity. They are mainly used for surgical bandaging care. The elastic bandage has a wide range of applications. You can feel the various benefits of this bandage with external bandaging on various parts of the body, field training, and trauma first aid. High elasticity, joints have no restrictions on movement after use, do not shrink, do not hinder blood circulation or make joints displace. Material is well ventilated, does not cause wounds to condense moisture, and is easy to carry.

It is used for surgical bandaging care. In the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, it is often used for bandaging after varicose vein surgery. It can effectively eliminate swelling and soreness caused by varicose veins and impaired venous blood flow in the lower limbs, gradually darken and harden the skin, and heal ulcers The tortuous vein that lightened the varicose degree was restored to its original state. In principle, the effect is the same as that of stretch socks, except that the price of stretch socks is higher.