Medical Gauze Bandage Bandage Methods Which

Common medical supplies medical gauze bandage. Medical gauze bandage is usually made of cotton and gauze made of special technology, applied to various parts of the body such as head, chest and abdominal dressings of the limbs and tail. While medical gauze stretch can also be based on position and hurt many differing parts of dressing and bandaging method, common methods of bandaging are as follows:

An early roll bandage: this is the most basic medical gauze bandage method most commonly used, small dressing of the wound after cleaning is generally use this method. It also applies to the neck, head, legs, and chest. By: 1th lap around the slightly diagonal, 2nd round, 3rd round the ring and 1th round a corner of the ramp to the ring circle, which fixed some more reliable. Fixed with adhesive paste with tail, or cut into two knots with tail.

Followed by the snake-like packing: in plywood fixed on. Method is: first the number of bandage circular winding ring fixed, and then intervals according to the width of the bandage diagonally around or under the.