Medical Gauze Blocks Using Reminded To Pay Attention To The Following Points

Medical gauze is used for the processing of medical products, and to protect the wound. While medical gauze material requirements for higher and more convenient to use. But medical gauze in the production process also need to be aware of the following issues:
Process of medical gauze, gauze "alkali cooking" is a very important section, aimed at removal of slurry, grease and wax from fabric, and directly affect the quality of medical gauze, at the same time, this section of the pollutants is the most, require special attention in its work.
For reduced medical with gauze block production Shi pollutants of produced volume, now production out of gauze bad cloth often first by high temperature cylinder skim, and off wax, and except slurry Hou, for has gas steam, and washing, and bleaching, series of process completed, often is Qian a process of pollutants with to Hou a section in the, for guarantee gauze reached national requirements of health standard guarantee products quality, must using more of water for cleaning.
In addition medical gauze in the factory must pass rigorous testing and inspection, soft, absorbent, uniform Weft, white, odorless, without the acid and alkali, and safe to use. And select the thin cotton gauze fabric, elected after qualifying for gauze, chlorine-oxygen bleach (skim) and gauze fabric by machine-skimmed well, according to required specifications tailored to the appropriate piece of gauze.