Medical Gloves The Chemical Properties Of Raw Materials

Medical Gloves The chemical properties of raw materials

1, automatic medical, inspection, disposable gloves production line based entirely on the chemical properties of raw materials and gloves molding process automation design requirements, the device flow is compact,

Mechanical structure is more reasonable; stable, uniform coating length, no vertical, uniform temperature, high yield, smooth process and so on.

 2, the drying box using tunnel-drying method, the principle of hot air rise, recycling hot air circulation mixing, the machine at the minimum power to get

The best effect.

 3, the use of effective heating space hot air circulation principle to reduce costs; multi-stage PID temperature intelligent control system, the temperature error does not exceed

± 5 ℃, heat evenly gloss.

 4, automatic medical, inspection, disposable gloves production line high yield, unique joint design, easy to replace the mold to speed up the cycle speed;

 5, automatic vibration Dijiao, even glue system even better finished gloves neat, uniform thickness.

 6, for ceramic mold vibration fragile flaw, the device uses a special guide rail transport mechanism to run smoothly, reliable, non-crawling,

Not jammed to meet the requirements of the stability of the transport device during operation.

 7, automatic medical, inspection, disposable latex gloves production equipment line using a special high temperature chain, co-extrusion one-step method to speed up production and increase production.

Medical gloves production line technical characteristics

TF-YSX glove production line Technical Features:

1, using the most advanced glove production technology layout and production technology, product qualification rate of 98% or more, the protein content of less than 120 micrograms / gram;

2, TPU coating technology;

3, imported surfactant coagulant, film more uniform, powder-free mold.

4, the introduction of foreign advanced transmission main chain structure, the chain run resistance is small, stable production of high-speed operation;

5, a main motor drag to solve the drag and more difficult to synchronize, the point of failure and more difficult maintenance and other issues;

6, drying oven using vertical hot air circulation, compared with other forms of hot air circulation, saving nearly 20% of energy consumption.

7, for the fork finger cleaning six roller long brush wash mold technology;