Medical Gloves Use Misunderstanding

Medical Gloves Use misunderstanding

Medical check gloves can be reused, we use the medical check gloves, whether it can be reused, the following give you explain the medical check gloves can be reused.

If the surgery is finished gloves are not broken, continuous operation of another operation, you can not re-brush hands, just soak alcohol or benzalkonium bromide solution for 5 minutes, iodine and Kang or sterilization Wang Tu hand and forearm, and then wear sterile surgical clothing and wear gloves. But should use the following dressing method: first surgical clothing from the back of the forward fold off, so that the gloves of the wrist with the flip in the hand, and then use his right hand to tear his left hand gloves to the palm of your hand, and then left his finger off the right hand Gloves, and finally with the right finger in the left palm of the hand to push the left hand gloves. If the previous operation for the pollution surgery, the connection should be re-wash hands before surgery. Medical check gloves use common sense:

First, the clinical need to use gloves:

1, direct contact: blood pressure, body temperature pulse, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection, transport patients

2. Indirect contact: the use of telephone, writing medical instruments, the operation of computers, the release of oral medicine, replacement clothing, mobile patient equipment.

Third, the need to wear gloves:

1, before the aseptic operation

2, contact with blood, body fluids, damaged skin or mucous membrane before.

3, contact with the implementation of isolation before the patient and its surrounding area before.

Third, the need to glove situation:

1. When the gloves are damaged or damaged.

2, after contact with blood, body fluids, damaged skin and mucous membranes after or after the end of the operation.

3, exposure to each patient and patient surrounding environment, or contamination

Medical examination gloves use errors:

1, before wearing gloves and gloves do not wash their hands.

2, contact more than one patient wearing the same pair of gloves.

3, hand from the same patient from the contaminated parts to clean parts do not replace the gloves.

4, contact with contaminated parts and then contact the surrounding environment before the replacement of gloves.

5, nursing patients do not pick gloves for other operations.

6, the staff and individual medical staff wearing gloves frequent contact with elevator buttons and other public facilities.