Medical Packs New Drug Reserve

Medical Packs New drug reserve

Scientific proper care of the family of small drugbox editing

Do not try to throw the drug instructions

Many people often in order to facilitate the convenience of the packaging and instructions are thrown, leaving only one bottle, and this is the "storage of taboo." First of all, all stored drugs should be stored in detail before the instructions, the general drug will be marked in the dark, cool place, then the storage must be observed when it is because the drugs in the light, high temperature, humidity Conditions will accelerate deterioration. And some biological agents indicate the need to store in the cold dark place, then it should be placed in the refrigerator. Chinese medicine should pay attention to packaging and storage, because most of the proprietary Chinese medicine are afraid of damp. Second, the drug storage must keep the manual, the instructions are not seen to throw, it has a more detailed description and guidance, so with the drugs together, the best is the original package installed in a piece, not easy to get mix. Third, to see the production date, the effective date and dosage, expired drugs not only greatly reduced efficacy, toxic side effects will be greatly enhanced, Liao stressed that we must strictly follow the instructions and instructions on the amount of some people in order to quickly It doubles the dose, it is not desirable. The elderly and children should pay attention to medication when the note, because the elderly decreased immunity, children's immune system is not developed, so according to the description of reduction.

According to the seasonal purchase of some new drugs

Should also be based on seasonal changes in the purchase of some new drug spare. With the cooler weather, the incidence of colds increased, so cold medicine is essential. But people often eat the same medicine regardless of season, climate, season, and a cold. In fact, such as the treatment of cold medicine has its specific indications and adapt to the season, can not be taken invariably. In addition, seasonal changes easily caused by asthma, skin allergies, allergic rhinitis and so should be prepared drugs, dry weather caused by respiratory diseases and cough should pay attention. Some people think that the summer has passed, anti-heat anti-inflammatory drugs can be shelved, in fact, like ten drops of water, Huo Xiang and other drugs are not only summer only need it, usually should keep. In short, the most critical is based on their own physical condition to prepare some possible drugs.

It is not easy to store

"Ordinary people for the medicine box is always not pay attention to, generally do not have the meaning of different categories, that can put a piece of it.When the trouble is very easy to take the wrong mix.If the family population, it should be based on age structure Adults, children and the elderly were stored separately, if the family has a chronic disease patients should be special drug counter.In addition, it is best to external medicine and medication within the separation of the special medication and conventional medication only. Medicine to keep in good order, when needed to "hand in twist" to avoid taking the wrong when taking the wrong, casual wear, dangerous.In addition, the best medicine box on the child can not touch the height, so as to avoid the child misuse.

Always check whether the drug is bad

"Often check the medicine box" This lazy can not steal, should check the effective time on the instructions, one has expired drugs immediately eliminated. In addition, also pay attention to those who are still valid in the drug, check whether the drug moldy, sticky, deterioration, discoloration, loose, there are strange taste. For example, yeast tablets easily damp expansion collapse, compound licorice tablets, liver extract tablets, iodine throat tablets, vitamin B1 tablets, and a variety of capsules, capsules, sugar-coated tablets and other vulnerable to moisture together. Aspirin also deteriorates due to moisture and increases irritation to the stomach. Iodine, alcohol, ten drops of water and a variety of wine is volatile volatilization. If the drug expired metamorphosis should be thrown away, and add new drugs.