Regenerated Oxidized Cellulose Gauze

Digital Gauze

Specification:5cm X 8 Cm,1cm X 4cm,3cm X 3 Cm,10cm X 20cm

Product Description

The absorbable hemostat is a white fibre fabric which made of natural fibre through a series of high-tech processes. It can be used in a wide range of situations, it has excellent haemostatic and healing on operation cuts, wounds and burns, it features good solubility and absorbability and is resistant to post-operation adhesion of tissues. It can be used in a variety of medical department, such as cardiac and thoracic surgery, abdominal and gastro-intestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery, urologic surgery, gynecologic and obstetric surgery, ENT surgery, colon-rectal surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, burn treatment, ulcer wounds and other general surgeries. It is also indicated for use in dental applications to assist in the control of bleeding in exodontia and oral surgery.

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