Teach You How To Identify Shoddy Cotton

Teach you how to identify shoddy cotton

  Gauze is often used in daily life, and gauze masks are also made of gauze. However, many manufacturers now use inferior fiber products to pretend to be full of cotton products, which is destroyed. In particular, many manufacturers use shoddy cotton, then shoddy cotton. How to identify the product?

    The method of distinguishing black cotton is mainly to see whether the filler in the product uses prohibited raw materials, and the prohibited raw materials are mainly from the following:

    1. Fibrous industrial scraps.

    Scraps for processing other fiber products such as fiber processing and garment processing. Including floor cotton, waste yarn, cotton linters and so on.

    2. Medical fiber waste.

    Various fiber products used by medical institutions, including absorbent cotton, absorbent gauze, and medical and medical clothing that has been eliminated.

    3. Regenerated fibrous substances.

    The industrial waste material, waste clothing, and other products are crushed, opened and rinsed, etc., through simple processing of flocculent fibrous material.

    4. Waste clothing fiber products.

    Fiber products that have lost their useful value and have been eliminated or discarded.