What's The X-ray Detectable Gauze Swabs?

X-Ray detectable gauze swab is a type of surgical swab which is devised for the objective to reduce the risk of retained surgical swabs in-vivo because of the cursoriness of the doctors,and to depress the pain of the patient.But how does it achieve that? Actually it is sample.Usually we can see a blue line is woven together with the gauze.That is the point.The bule line is the X-Ray detectable component which consists of suitable materials containing Barium Sulphate,or a suitable other material giving a comparable X-Ray opacity.It is reasonable free from loose fibres and particles and dosen't impair the softness and flexibility of the gauze.When the operating is over,counting the number of the swabs,comparing with the number before operation.If the number isn't coincident,then if a swabs has been retained in-vivo will be figured out through the X-Ray detecting.Thus a medical accident could be averted.

With the developing of the society,X-Ray detectable gauze swab has became an essential medical dressing.