What Should I Do If I Have A Cut?

What should I do if I have a cut?

1. How do you deal with yourself?

If the wound is very shallow and there is not much bleeding, you can handle it yourself.

(1) cleaning the wound

Rinse the wound around with clean water.

(2) dressing

If the wound is small, you can put a band-aid on it. If the wound is bigger, you can use clean gauze and wait for the wound to be naturally scarred.

(3) timely change of medicine

Band-aids and gauze are replaced on time. If they stick to the wound, they can be wetted with saline and gently peeled off. If it is wet and dirty, it should be replaced in time.

(4) pain relief

If your child is very painful, first calm your child's mood and consider taking painkillers if necessary.

2. Situations that need to be handled by a doctor

The cut is very deep, or at the joint.

The wound is not clean, there is a foreign body, etc., and the wound cannot be cleaned up.

Cuts caused by animal minions, sharp instruments with a dirty surface, etc.

There are no signs of healing within a few days of the wound, or symptoms such as redness, suppuration or persistent pain.

The baby has not been injected with a tetanus vaccine or has been in the last injection for more than ten years.

Before giving the doctor, you can preliminarily treat the wound yourself - rinse with water and pressurize with a clean gauze or towel.

3. Situations requiring urgent treatment

The following conditions are promptly sent to the hospital:

The wounds are very bleeding, and the blood is even ejected.

After 10 minutes of pressurization and hemostasis, there is still blood flow and even signs of shock.

When the doctor is sent to the doctor, the injured area is higher than the heart level, which can reduce the blood outflow to a certain extent.

Handle cuts and avoid these common pitfalls

Don't put salt, pickled food, powder, etc. on the wound.

In doing so, it can be very painful on the one hand, and on the other hand, it can cause the wound to suffer from an infection that can be completely avoided and leave scars.

Do not use alcohol, iodine, red syrup, purple syrup, etc. to apply the wound

These drugs can stimulate the wound or affect the healing. It is recommended to use iodophor, which is effective and painless. Hydrogen peroxide also has a hemostatic effect. It is suitable for fresh knife cuts. However, after use, it needs to be rinsed with water and it will be very painful to use.

How to prevent children from cutting?

Sharp instruments, such as scissors and kitchen knives, are placed in places that are difficult for children to reach;

For older children, teach them to use tools such as scissors correctly;

You can consider buying a blunt safety scissors for the child to use;

Pay attention to the safety education for children.