Disposable Non-woven Infant Face Mask

Disposable Non-woven Infant Face Mask
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Product Details

Product introduction:

Air pollution is getting worse and we need to protect our family, especially children. Soft and comfortable P.P. material, do not stimulate the skin to wear comfortable. The design of the bridge of the nose can be adjusted according to different face to do the most comfortable. Selection of internal ultrasonic welding spot, ear can be very solid not easy to fall. 

Product show:


Product features:

1.The inner layer of the mask is skin-friendly, soft and comfortable;

2.Hydrophobic permeability is good;

3.The filtering effect is good;

4.Made of non-toxic and harmless materials;

5.It will not irritate the skin;

6.Light and comfortable;

7.No peculiar smell.

Product application:

Can be applied to the electronics manufacturing industry, clean room, catering services, food processing, schools, riding locomotives, spraying processing, stamping hardware, hospitals, hand processing industry, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, clean environment, public places multiple uses.