Disposable Non-woven Medical Protective Clothing

Disposable Non-woven Medical Protective Clothing
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The materials used in medical protective clothing can be divided into three types: coating materials, PU|TPU membrane composites and PTFE microporous composite materials.

1. Coating materials.

Most domestic enterprises use wet or dry polyurethane, polyacrylate and polyvinylidene fluoride to finish coating the fabric and then use this fabric to make protective clothing.


2.PU and TPU membrane composite materials.

This kind of composite material has some improvement on the permeability and comfort of the coating material.


3.PTFE microporous membrane composite material.

The domestic army has small batch of applications in the military service equipment of special military types, and the application of medical protective clothing is still in the trial stage.

Polytetrafluoroethylene microporous membrane can effectively solve the problems of coating materials, PU and TPU membrane composite materials, which are not ideal.

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The disadvantage of PTFE is the high cost.

High quality medical protective clothing can greatly improve the medical staff of protective safety performance, for some of the highly infectious bacteria, viruses, an effective protection, the harm to a minimum.

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