Disposable Protective Suits

Disposable Protective Suits
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Heat and fire protection work clothes

The hot work suit is suitable for high temperature, high heat and high radiant heat.

The materials for making anti-hot work clothes should have high efficiency, low thermal conductivity, flame retardant and high surface reflectivity.

It is made of materials such as canvas, asbestos and aluminum film.

The white sail is used for cotton canvas and linen canvas made of natural plant fiber. It has the characteristics of heat insulation, flying spark and melting material, easy to bounce, abrasion resistance, breaking strength and air permeability.

Asbestos protection is made from asbestos with a small amount of cotton fiber. It has a strong blocking efficiency for the radiation heat, but asbestos is harmful to the human body and should be careful not to inhale when used.

Workers who work with molten metal often use asbestos pads and aprons.

High temperature thermal insulation clothing is made of aluminum or aluminized fiber on base cloth, suitable for high-temperature operation of melting furnace and fire rescue.

The aluminum film is silver and white, with high reflectance, which is insulated and resistant to aging, but has poor permeability.