Ear Loops 3-ply 3-folder Surgical Beard Mask

Ear Loops 3-ply 3-folder Surgical Beard Mask
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Product Details
  • Description:

    • 3-ply, 3-folder comfortable design and ear loops

    • Size: 11.5*7.5/14.5*9.5/17.5*9.5cm

  • Advantages:

    • Low breathing-resistant, no smell and irritation

    • Comfortable, excluding glass fiber and no glue

    • PFE for particular filtration efficiency of non-oily: ≥30%

    • BFE bacteria filtration efficiency: ≥95%

    • Ultra-sonic welding technology and comfortable to wear

    • Offering essential protection to anti-fog and -glare and these masks are perfect to use in surgery or clinical environment

    • Average BFE: ≥98%

    • Delta P30 fluid-resistant

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