Hospital Gown Alternatives

Hospital Gown Alternatives
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Hospital Gown Alternatives:

1. PP disposable surgical gown
It is made from hydrophobic polypropylene material,Latex-free;abrasion-resistant; low lint;with a high level of fluid repellency.

Color:white,green,blue,yellow,orange and so on

Material weight:30-65gsm.

2. PP+PE disposable surgical gown
It is made from PP+PE material,Latex-free; abrasion-resistant;completely impervious fluid and alcoholrepellent.
Material weight:40-65gsm.

3. SMS disposable surgical gown (Standard and Reinforced):
It is made from hydrophobic SMS/Spunlace material ,Latex-free; abrasion-resistant; low lint; with a high level of fluid repellency; a good barrier to blood, body fluids and pathogens.

With starndard and reinforced style.Reinforced style with extra protection reinforcement onsleeve andchest which can be completely impervious fluid and alcohol repellent.

Available color:white,blue.
Material weight:30-65gsm.

4. Microporous disposable surgical gown

Permeability is strong, anti-static; Better permeability, in a variety of organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion resistance at the same time, with high resistance to impact mechanical properties of the toughness, texture soft, comfortable not combustion-supporting non-toxic non-irritating,harmless to skin.

Available color: white

Material weight:45-65gsm.

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