No-woven Medical Mask In Public

No-woven Medical Mask In Public
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Various Types:

1.Ear Loops — Some masks have two ear loops on either side of the mask. These loops are normally made of an elastic material so they can be stretched. Pick up this type of mask by the loops, put one loop around one ear and then put the other loop around your other ear.

2.Ties or Straps — Some masks comes with pieces of fabric that are tied around the back of your head. Most masks with ties come with an upper and lower ties or straps. Pick up the mask by the upper ties, place the ties around the back of your head and attach them together with a bow.

3.Bands — Some masks come with two elastic bands that are placed over and around the back of your head (as opposed to around your ears). Hold the mask in front of your face, pull the top band over the top of your head and place it around the crown of your head. Then pull the bottom band over the top of your head and place it at the base of your skull.

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Products Supply:

Medical packs:Obstetric set,Sterile dressing packs,Dressing change packs.

Absorbent cotton product:Cotton buds,Absorbent cotton pads,Absorbent balls;

Medical gauze products:Gauze bags,Gauze bandages,Gauze pads,Gauze face masks,Gauze pieces.

Non-woven products:Disposable surgical cloth/medical pad/face mask/ medical cap/hospital bed sheets.

High molecular polyer products: Examination gloves, Adhesive bandages,Surgical gloves.

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