Shoe Covers For Sale

Shoe Covers For Sale
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Product Details

Medical Shoe Covers:


Non-woven, PE


With anti-skid, without anti-skid;


Optional colors. Usually is blue,pink,white


Hospital and daily life

Product Details:

shoe covers for sale

Product Features:

1.Disposable, single time use;

2.Comfortable and soft;

3.Waterproof and dustproof;

4.It is made of synthetic ethylene material;

5.High transparency, good toughness and glossy light;

6.Quality and economical.


Disposable none woven shoe covers can be used in hospital, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures, any where need protection. Prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria and virus invading. Can be used as a visit protection.Prevent cross infection in medical treatment at sanitation field. Economical and disposable. Accord with the hygienic standard.