Surgical 3ply Nonwoven Face Masks

Surgical 3ply Nonwoven Face Masks
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Surgical 3ply Non-woven Face Masks is made of Non-woven fabric such as ultrasonic heating, spot welding and banding with processes.

It is designed with nasal splint and of ear hanging type,for better fitting with various types of faces, and the brim sealed with particle free ultrasonic wave guarantees comfortable wearing.

Using Tips:

Check the medical mask for defects. Once you’ve taken a new (unused) medical mask from the box, check it to ensure it doesn’t contain any defects, holes or tears in the material. If the mask has defects, holes or tears, throw it away and select another new (unused) mask from the box.

Ensure the proper side of the mask faces outwards. The inside of most medical masks are white in colour, while the outside has a colour of some sort. Before applying the mask to your face, make sure the white side of the mask is facing towards your face.

3 ply medical masks

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