Surgical Mask In Public

Surgical Mask In Public
Product Details

Anti-Fog Surgical Mask:

1.Pleat style with ties and film strip

2.Protective three-layer construction

3.Appropriate for situations where exposure to blood and/or bodily fluids is not a risk.

Product Details:



Level of Protection:N/A

Name:Anti-Fog Surgical Mask



Fluid Resistant:No

Fluid Protection:None

BFE (3):≥ 99%

STRIKE THROUGH ASTM (80,120,160):0

DELTA P:<3.0

PFE (.1):≥ 99%

Items Per Box:50

Boxes Per Case:6

Items Per Case:300

More Introduction:

Health Face Masks offer the broadest range of styles, features and levels of protection available. The materials and donning attachments are sonically bonded, and all masks have enclosed nosepieces to assist in conforming to the contours of the face.

Anti-Fog Surgical Mask

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