White Protective Coat

White Protective Coat
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Anti-dust protective clothing

Anti-dust protective clothing is full-body protective overalls.



Suitable for the dust operation, generally from head to shoulder hood or headscarf, up and down composition, cuffs, trousers mouth and lower hem tighten, choose a solid, surface smooth breathable fabric made.


Protective clothing

The protective clothing has airtight type and breathable type.

Closed type protective clothing is a kind of gas type, barrier materials produced, composed of head cover and making connections of clothes, the overall structure of airtight, clean air from the top of the head into, from the set in sleeve, openning and other parts of the exhaust valve discharge, suits maintain positive pressure, forming the wearer comfortable microclimate.

The air supply protective clothing can effectively defend against the harmfulness of gas and dust, which is suitable for serious pollution hazard.

It is made of special breathable fabric such as fiber activated carbon.

The cuffs and trousers are tightly packed, which can protect against certain poisonous gas and smoke, suitable for wearing in less polluted places.

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