White Protective Suit

White Protective Suit
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Anti-chemical pollution suit

There are various kinds, materials and USES of anti-chemical pollution suits, such as acid and alkali resistant clothing and oil proof clothing.


Rubber acid and alkali clothing

Rubber acid alkali is used to take more than 60% of the rubber, and in the refining of the stabilizer of the rubber cloth, the material is not breathable.

Styles have overalls, suspenders, anti-wear, aprons, sleeves, etc.

It is suitable for the corrosion of alkali - resistant lye.

Anti-acid and alkali resistant to spray.


Plastic work clothes

Plastic work takes PVC film to make, not ventilated.

Styles have overalls, clothing, apron, etc.

It is suitable for mild acid and alkali corrosion, water - proof, oil - proof, low - concentration toxic work, high temperature and solvent.


Anti-acid silk overalls

Anti-acid silk work takes chemically treated tussah silk, chemical fiber silk fabric to make, the material breathes.

Styles have overalls, coats, etc.

It is suitable for the anti-acid mist corrosion of the work, the acid and air permeability is better, there is a certain anti-alkali anti-oil capability.


Synthetic fiber overalls

Synthetic fiber overalls are made of synthetic fabrics such as dacron, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, overalls and coats.

It is suitable for the operation of low concentration of acid and alkali corrosion, and the anti-permeability is poor.


Wool-wear acid clothing

It is suitable for the corrosion of low concentration acid and acid fog. It has the ability of adsorption and osmosis of the acid solution, and it has the effect of insulating against cold.


Oil proof coverall

The oil - proof overalls can be made of synthetic rubber and made of polyurethane, which are made of fluorinated resin fiber. It has both anti-oil and waterproof effect.

Synthetic rubber anti-oil clothing can be resistant to organic solvents. The polyurethane anti-oil clothing can also be used as an anti-organic deep agent, with the style of overalls, suspenders and aprons, sleeves, etc.