Sterile Stick Wound Dressing

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Product Details

Product introduction:

Made of soft coated non-woven fabric layer, covers with non-mucosal surface absorbent pad and release paper. Soft and flexible non-woven fabric comforts wound well, it is ideal dressing for postoperative wound, also suitable for body joint part and other parts.

Product show:

1.Non-woven fabric base material is soft flexible application with good ventilation, which increases feeling of comfort during application;
2.Absorbent pad absorbing exudatum quickly, keep the wound in good healing condition, and reduce potential wound effectively.
3.Surface mucous film makes exudatum diverse to absorbent pad fast but without touching wound, avoiding secondary mechanical wound when removing the patch;
4.Coated adhere of low allergia  paste securely, reducing patient's anaphylactic reaction effectively.


Used for epithelial formation wound, which characteristics is: small exudatum, light wound, uninfected. It is the ideal dressing after surgery wound, also used for minor burns,scald,mild bruises and scar.


Severe wound, severe burns wound, transplant surgery wound.


1.When you send enquiry,please make sure informations of below are contained:

  Material,Ply,Size and other useful specifications for quoting.

2.OEM & ODM services are offered.

3.Three types of package are available for option:Customers' brand,TONGMENG Brand,and Neutral packing.

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