Disposable Super Absorbnet Sanitary Paper Diaper

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Product Details

Suitable crowd: 

Incontinence crowd, paralyzed patients, puerpera, postoperative patient.

1.100% cotton, white
2. OEM available
3. Professional manufacturer

Product show:

1. No pollution, no stimulation,pure natural;
2. Super absorption;
3. Anti smell,locking water ,non reverse osmosis;
4. Frivolous breathable,anti-leakage.

Product Features:

1.Suitable size and light weight;

2.Great breathability;

3.Skin-friendly and mild;

4.The dry surface can make the local skin not suffer from moisture;

5.Funnel type design makes the infiltrated liquid difficult to reflow;

6.The bottom layer is made of breathable material, which can make the gas-like water molecules pass smoothly, effectively reducing the dampness and sultry between the sanitary diaper and the body, keeping it dry and fresh.