High Absorbency Ultra Thick Disposable Adult Diaper

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Product Details

Product introduction:

1.This product is a disposable paper incontinence product, one of the adult care products, mainly a disposable diaper for incontinent adults.

2.The product is in the form of a sheet when it is purchased, and it is a shorts type when worn. The product is joined into a pair of shorts using an adhesive sheet. Adhesive sheets have the effect of adjusting the size of the waistband to suit different fat and slim shapes.

Product show:

1.Double cotton cores, lasting long effectively;
2.Mild touch,skin-friendly, preventing bad smell, locking water;
3.Double leak-prevention,fitting adjustablely,comfortable for wearing.

Various types and packing:
4-ply Gauze roll 40S/30×20 
4-ply Gauze roll 40S/26×18 
4-ply Gauze roll 40S/19×15 
4-ply Gauze roll 40S/20×12 
4-ply Gauze roll 40S/12×18 
2-ply Gauze roll 
Open and plain Gauze Roll 
2-Ply Ellipse Gauze Roll

Suitable crowd: 

Bed-ridden,unable to move freely, or post-operative patients.